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3D Printing Service




Final price is subjected to change, this here so you can make a deposit and order. I will invoice you the actual price after inquiry.

I will be asking what your use case is.
I reserve the right to deny your request for any reasons.

Do not order this unless you know what you are exactly looking for. No refunds will be issued if you do not follow the correct procedure for ordering.

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Model Supplied

  • Obtain an STL file
  • Make sure the STL file is going to fit in a 220mm x 220mm print area
  • Choose infill level (20% is normal infill)
  • Choose a color from the list
  • Wait until I review the model
  • If it passes, I will send an invoice for the service minus the deposit
  • If it does not pass, I will refund the this purchase

    NOTES:No refund will be issued for damages after it is in your possession. Choose your model wisely.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged per gram of filament used.

1. Any models submitted are not of my work. Any prints that are made will carry the same license as the original work.
2. The model submitted must be in accordance to Local and Federal Law. I will not be printing anything that could possibly be used with ill-intent.
3. Any models that are submitted must not contain a NONCOMMERCIAL license.


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