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I couldn’t have done it with Courtney and Josh from DogeMods. It started with an idea for a 7×7 Artisan Tray. These are very much hard to find without having to shell out a decent of amount of money. I’ve always loved to 3D print but with the introduction of 3D Modeling in my life, it made it much easier to create stuff that others, as well as myself, need. I threw the idea of making this tray together and I offered a reasonable price for said tray. Reviews came in and they [DogeMods] loved it. With that testimony, I decided to offer my services to others. Eventually, it felt like I needed a proper platform to showcase what I have designed and made. This website acts as both my portfolio and storefront and I am proud to offer my services to others. I opened a Shopify site in early August 2022 but soon realized that it was not the platform for me. This site that you are reading this About section is a result for my love of doing things yourself and Linux. I would not have been able to create this site if it was not for my obsession with Linux.